a jumble of clarity.

This post has taken me a while.  Because I couldn’t just post photos.  I had a lot of words to throw out there with them, it’s just that they took a while to sort themselves out inside my brain.

This past August I went to Salt Lake City for a workshop of sorts with Yan Palmer. I’ve never personally been drawn to the fine art styled shoots of most workshops…they’re pretty, sure, but for me photography is more.  It’s words, and stories, and connections, and emotions. So Yan made the most sense for me.  And I’ve found it difficult to really put into words how I felt about my time with her, and the other attendees, and the family we photographed, and then the next day when I got to meet up with a few of my long time favorite amazing photographer friends to photograph their families. For me the whole trip wasn’t even about photography strangely enough.  That wasn’t at the forefront of what I came home with, but believe me when I tell you I came home with, a lot. Like bags and bags full of clarity and inspiration and creativity and understanding, all of which I had all along, just didn’t know how to access it. It’s funny how things work like that isn’t it?  This post is a rambling jumble of nonsense, I get it… it’s kind of what it looks like in here too, only it feels completely crisp and clear and really just fantastic.

And talk about fantastic… this is the lovely Brooke Schultz and her incredibly sweet family.  What a gift to spend time with her. (all images shot on film)