I absolutely loved spending the morning photographing this beautiful pair in and around their incredibly lovely and charming home. Marielle has created such an amazing space that not only cultivates a life of learning and exploration for her son, but is also filled to the brim with gorgeous keepsakes, art, and reminders of their travels.  You can also read more of her tips for creating a beautiful and family friend home as part of our feature on Glitter Guide earlier this week! ( all images shot on film)

Meet Kelsey and Nate Schwenk, a husband/wife fine art wedding photography and film making team in Virginia. They recently won tickets to the Grammy’s and flew out to LA to attend. If that’s not awesome enough, they drove a few hours to my neck of the woods, and I got to photograph them! They are not only beautiful, but as genuine and kind as they come. Some days I just feel like this big ol’ world is full of these moments of intention, when you know coincidence had nothing to do with crossing the paths of certain people. Like it was part of the plan all along, and boy am I grateful for that. (all images shot on film)

Photographing motherhood is such a gift to me. As a mother of two (almost three!), I treasure so dearly the photographs I have of my children with me. They are forever preserved reminders of this exceedingly precious season. Getting to document those tender, beautiful moments for other mothers is something I am completely grateful for; and this session was no exception. I loved getting to spend the afternoon with Krista and her two sweet little ones in the warmth of that sunshine and love that shone so brightly within their walls. (all images shot on film | featured on Lemonade and Lenses)

So often as mothers, our days are saturated with tasks, tears, teaching and care taking, and those less glamorous moments can over shadow the sweet simple moments that stand out the most in our minds and our hearts. I love to remind mothers of these moments, because I need to be reminded of them myself. The light filled, love drenched moments of holding our babies, singing to them, speaking to them as they study our smiles, because we need evidence of those times. We need to wrap those memories around our hearts and think of that sweet simplicity when the days seem long, because these years with our little ones, they are so very short.

These are images that I made during a 1 on 1 mentoring session that I had with the incredibly sweet and talented Toronto based photographer Elza Photographie. She traveled all the way to Central California to spend the morning talking film and photographing this lovely pair. I adore mentoring other creative souls, and am sure that I end up taking more away from the experience. If you’d like to learn more about the digital and film mentoring sessions I offer, send me an email, I’d love to chat! (all images shot on film)