You know that fuzziness of where you started and where you’re going and how? It just keeps the why nice and clear and that’s really the thing that drives the car or the hot air balloon or whatever you want to use to get there. To that place of security. To the safeness of where your head lands and who your hand finds and whose heart holds yours in the stillness.

Sometimes to be quiet, to just turn it all down to the volume that only dogs hear, or cats? I can’t remember, but you know what I mean… just flip the switch and let your mind whirl and your thoughts swirl until they feel so tired that they have to rest. You have to be still. That’s when the good stuff is able to filter through, drop by drop or in one whooshing gush, it flows all around and over and throughout and there in that hot tub of warmth and quiet is when you’ll hear the words that have been spoken just for you.


I cherish the opportunity to photograph families, and I’m always entirely grateful when they welcome me into their homes, so that I may document their love within their own beautiful spaces. This sweet family had such a light pretty space, filled with so much love. It was an honor to photograph them. Little Thea Brave was just a couple months old, and just the most precious little babe. I loved the softness and emotions that came through in the images, and the authentic love that saturated each interaction.

There was so much love circulating all around that you could almost see it hanging in the air like a pink heart shaped cloud.

This shoot was featured on Belle Lumiere here. | all images shot on film.

Monika and I had known of one another through Instagram, but never had the chance to meet. When my husband and I decided to take our family on a last minute adventure to Canada, I knew I wanted to reach out to her! When I received her excited response shortly after, I was elated because she seemed like such a lovely, kind hearted person. When we met one evening before I flew back to California, I was welcomed into her gorgeous home by someone even more warm, caring, and genuine than I had imagined. She is the sweetest soul, beautiful inside and out. I followed her and her precious family to a nearby area filled with rolling green hills and idyllic farmhouses in the distance. They played and snuggled, and I got to document it all. Monika and I also had a chance to visit, and I was so grateful for that time together and the real life bits we got to dive right into. It was such a special experience filled with love and authenticity, and I am entirely grateful for it.

This sweet family was also featured on Fount Collective here. | all images shot on film.

This was just one of those moments in life when you know; you just know with your full heart that it was all meant to happen. Carrie and I had never met, but from the moment I walked into her home, it felt like we had known each other for years. Not only does she have an incredible gift for creating beauty all around her, but she has the softest, kindest soul. These four, to me, were a vision of life and love and trust and joy and tangled up together; family in its purest form.

I brought my four-year-old daughter with me for the shoot. She instantly ran off to play with little Jackson, while Carrie and I chatted as she styled the most amazing scene for baby Amelie, with delicate baubles and shiny trinkets. Our conversations instantly dove deeper into the meaningful bits of life, and I found myself feeling so grateful our paths had crossed.

As I photographed the four of them, they just beamed for one another; a thick layer of peace and calm serving as a foundation for all that goodness piled on top. It was an immense blessing to preserve these memories for such a truly lovely family.

(all images shot on portra400 film — you can also see this session featured on Cottage Hill Magazine)

Sometimes loving is easy. Rosy cheeks and big round eyes and chubby hands begging to be held. Sometimes loving is hard. Handing out grace like discount cards on the street corner.

And on days when it rattles, churning, and twisting my insides like cables, pulling and tugging and stretching tight, it is a scene such as this that reminds me that loving comes easy to those who chose it.

I traveled a few hours north in the early morning calm one February day to meet Stacie Lucas, owner and designer for Amae (previously Duchess and Lion Co), to photograph her and her sweet little one’s for Little Peanut Magazine. I was greeted by the kindest smile and warmest hug, and welcomed into their home.

It was such a beautiful experience to be there, a part of their lives even for a short while, talking to Stacie about all things motherhood, playing trains and reading books on the playroom floor. And I loved being a part of the Body of a Mother Project for Little Peanut Magazine. I’m just grateful for it all.

(all images shot on film)