get in the picture | my self timer tips and tricks.

We scatter momentarily before finding one other again. Like a magnetic force springs us back to a huddle; a touch, a kiss, a constant reminder of comfort and safety.
Sometimes I wonder if  all of this fluid flock behavior is providing them with a skewed view of the world around them. But then I realize they’re young. So very young. And for us, in this season, it works.

You know what I don’t want to have happen?  I don’t want the next ten years to pass, and then I come to the heart breaking reality that I’ve helped countless families preserve their love in photographs without documenting my own little flock. I don’t want that for you either.  Because us mother’s need pictures. We need to be reminded of the unmistakable connections and full blown true real shining love that lives there between us and our babies. We need beautiful pieces of evidence showing that magnetic force or whatever the days look like for you.  It’s not only a luxury, but some days it’s a down right necessity.

And so you know…I would just be the happiest to make that all happen for you by photographing your family. But also here’s this…so that you can document the everyday, all the time, whenever you want.

So here they are; all the tips and tricks I implement when using my self timer to photograph the three of us (or four when the husband can stop in from work). I also use these tips when my husband is up for taking some shots for us, because self timer and husband pictures in our family are pretty much the same…he’s a farmer, bless him ; ) .  I hope these work for you all!

1. Use a tripod. | You can find a great 60 inch tripod on Amazon.

2. Take the picture with your phone first. | This is bit more necessary if you’re using a film camera since each shot = $$. So when I’m using my 35mm or medium format film cameras, I take the image first with my iPhone to be sure that everything is in the frame that I’m hoping to capture.

3. You need someone, or something, to mark your focus before you jump into the shot. | I usually have my 4 year old mark my focus. So I’ll place her right where I know the center of “us” will be (usually me since I’m the largest target out of the three of us). But I’ve also used a pillow, stuffed animal, small Elsa figurine, you get the picture.

4. Don’t get your little one(s) involved until the very last minute. | What you really want to avoid is a melt-down. Can I get an amen? Really a melt-down from anyone, littles and adults alike. So I try to get everything set up and ready before I call in the crazies.

5. Have treats readily (and steadily) available. | Gummies are a go-to around here, but really whatever you have. I am never above bribery. “Let’s play here on the bed for a few minutes and you get a treat!” Then once you start playing, reading, snuggling, whatever it is you want to capture, they’ve kind of forgotten about the picture part…but just in case they don’t, you’ve got treats.

6. Start with a continual shoot on your dslr. | I normally use my film cameras, but if I was to use my dslr, I would definitely suggest using continual shoot. That way you’ve got a much higher chance of getting some great shots in a short amount of time! Disclaimer: I’ve never actually used continual shoot because I use film, but it sure sounds like a great idea!

7. Lastly, if the kids aren’t feeling it, just try again another time.| Sometimes they just aren’t into it. Sometimes they just want to do their own thing, and have their own space. Trust me…you’ll know if it’s not working reeeal quick, so don’t force it.

And don’t worry about your hair, or if you’re wearing make-up or if you’ve worn the same v-neck t-shirt for 2 days straight, or if your eyes are puffy. And don’t worry if you only get one shot you love.  I usually shoot for about 10 minutes, about 36 shots, and end up with roughly 5-8 I really love…to me, success, because I have these treasures to print and hang or stow away for years to come.

Now go take some pictures.