in the stillness.

You know that fuzziness of where you started and where you’re going and how? It just keeps the why nice and clear and that’s really the thing that drives the car or the hot air balloon or whatever you want to use to get there. To that place of security. To the safeness of where your head lands and who your hand finds and whose heart holds yours in the stillness.

Sometimes to be quiet, to just turn it all down to the volume that only dogs hear, or cats? I can’t remember, but you know what I mean… just flip the switch and let your mind whirl and your thoughts swirl until they feel so tired that they have to rest. You have to be still. That’s when the good stuff is able to filter through, drop by drop or in one whooshing gush, it flows all around and over and throughout and there in that hot tub of warmth and quiet is when you’ll hear the words that have been spoken just for you.