motherhood in bloom | featured in Belle Lumiere Magazine

Motherhood is such a precious gift. It pushes us to the edge, and pulls us in close. Being a mother myself, I find such value and beauty in preserving those subtle moments that speak volumes. Those moments that evoke an emotional response; those nuances between a mother and her child that she will want to look back on years from now and be able to remember what it felt like to hold that baby in her arms.

I’ve been photographing this chunk of love since he was in utero, and even then he didn’t disappoint. Those blue eyes, and wispy curls, and don’t even get me started on his thighs. I love seeing these two together, playing and snuggling close. If you’d love precious photographs of you with your little ones, send me an email and let’s hang out.

all images shot on fuji 400h film | featured on Belle Lumiere Magazine