rolling greens, sweet babes, and new friends in Canada.

Monika and I had known of one another through Instagram, but never had the chance to meet. When my husband and I decided to take our family on a last minute adventure to Canada, I knew I wanted to reach out to her! When I received her excited response shortly after, I was elated because she seemed like such a lovely, kind hearted person. When we met one evening before I flew back to California, I was welcomed into her gorgeous home by someone even more warm, caring, and genuine than I had imagined. She is the sweetest soul, beautiful inside and out. I followed her and her precious family to a nearby area filled with rolling green hills and idyllic farmhouses in the distance. They played and snuggled, and I got to document it all. Monika and I also had a chance to visit, and I was so grateful for that time together and the real life bits we got to dive right into. It was such a special experience filled with love and authenticity, and I am entirely grateful for it.

This sweet family was also featured on Fount Collective here. | all images shot on film.