silent anticipation | featured on Magnolia Rouge

That amethyst ring was a gift from my great grandmother. She always smelled good and always had her hair done. She wore frilly aprons and fancy house dresses, and slept on silk pillow cases and made the best toast I’ve ever had. She would have loved this beautiful styled shoot.  For one, because my sister Jade Magnolia and I worked on it together, and also because the textures and jewel tones are just so so pretty.

The inspiration behind the shoot was that bit of time before the bride walks down the aisle, taking in the enormity of the day, delighting in the beauty that is to come.

cake and cheese board: Jade Magnolia  |  hand lettering: Red Calligraphy  |  muah: Mandi Simone  |  rose cloth: Silk and Willow  |  Model: Tiffany Molle  |  Dress: ASOS  |  Film (fuji 400h) scans: PhotoVision Prints

We were honored to have this shoot featured on Magnolia Rouge! You can view it here.