when loving is easy.

Sometimes loving is easy. Rosy cheeks and big round eyes and chubby hands begging to be held. Sometimes loving is hard. Handing out grace like discount cards on the street corner.

And on days when it rattles, churning, and twisting my insides like cables, pulling and tugging and stretching tight, it is a scene such as this that reminds me that loving comes easy to those who chose it.

I traveled a few hours north in the early morning calm one February day to meet Stacie Lucas, owner and designer for Amae (previously Duchess and Lion Co), to photograph her and her sweet little one’s for Little Peanut Magazine. I was greeted by the kindest smile and warmest hug, and welcomed into their home.

It was such a beautiful experience to be there, a part of their lives even for a short while, talking to Stacie about all things motherhood, playing trains and reading books on the playroom floor. And I loved being a part of the Body of a Mother Project for Little Peanut Magazine. I’m just grateful for it all.

(all images shot on film)