A L E X A N D R I A    S M I T H

It’s raw and it’s precious. It’s early mornings, and late nights. It’s messy and profound. It’s giving your whole heart without expecting anything in return. Motherhood is healing wounds, soothing hard feelings. It’s filling your cup to the brim and letting it overflow. We as mothers, need photographs.  We need to be present in them as well. It’s a necessary reminder of the magically mundane that we live day in and day out. This is why I adore photographing your loves and lives. Because these moments pass like a leaf on the wind, and photographs are the only reminders we have of these precious moments that shape so much of our lives.

I am a film photographer based in California’s Central Valley, and whether you just welcomed your first baby Earthside, or find yourself in the throes of navigating the teenage years, I want to capture this season for you. The one that you’re living today, because motherhood is an ever changing adventure, and you will never regret having tangible reminders of you with your family just as that looks and feels right now. I am available for travel, and adore creating natural light, lifestyle portraits for people who love each other a lot. I’ve been a film photographer for over nine years now, and am still as in love as ever with its soulful quality and authentic perspective.

If you want to forever be reminded of those heartfelt, authentic, organic moments between you and the ones you love the most… those are the moments I want to preserve for you. The subtle nuances and big in your face moments of love and life, that you’ll want to look back on and feel. Because happiness, joy, contentment, it all comes from those we share our lives with, those we spend the day to day loving and forgiving, teaching and learning; they are our home. That safe place we come to rest our weary hearts and feed our curious minds. Home is more than just brick and mortar. And home doesn’t have to look a certain way to be beautiful…just like families. I would love to preserve your heart, your home, your forever loves, in the most beautiful, meaningful way.

I’ve been honored to have my work published in Style Me Pretty, Fount Collective, Belle Lumiere Magazine, Cottage Hill Magazine, Wild + Free, and Glitter Guide, among others. I also love offering support,  encouragement, and education to those wanting to learn and improve upon their love of photography and human connection through 1:1 mentorships, in person workshops, and virtual mastermind groups. I’ve held six in person workshops all around the country since 2018, and plan to continue to do so in the future, as well as various other teaching opportunities.

Day to day you can find me at our little country house in an almond orchard with my handsome farmer and our four little ones. Most days I’m writing, homeschooling our babies, and cooking up meals using the beautiful offerings from our garden and farm. I am the undeserving recipient of God’s endless grace, and I watch an inordinate amount of The Great British Baking Show.