the sacred maybe | an online course for photographers created by Alexandria Smith


The Sacred Maybe is an online course for family and motherhood photographers looking to not only step up the level of quality and artfulness in their work, but also those looking for a meaningful experience within their businesses. If you want more than just a “shoot and pay” exchange, if you long to connect, create timeless and tangible memories, and overall just make your business an authentic and purposeful part of your life, then this course is for you.

Included in the course are three downloadable files:

01. a 60 page pdf covering how to shoot film and in all lighting situations, how to use our journeys’ to connect with others and drive our art, how I flow through an entire client experience from inquiry to gallery delivery, and how I cultivate emotive posing.

02. a raw video of me shooting an entire session from start to finish. How I pose, direct, and flow through the session.

03. a screen shot video of me editing an entire session and a voice over for how and why I make the edits I do.

*all sales are final; the file sizes are quite large, we recommend you download the videos to your computer and make sure you have a strong wifi connection when downloading